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brownfields to gold mines

McCue Designs, Builds, Operates and Maintains water treatment systems for mining, oil & gas and industrial sectors and in situ remediation systems for brown fields.

Mining Water Treatment

We provide low power, low maintenance plant designs capable of handling large fluctuations in water quality and flow rate. We deliver reliability and process uptime to keep your production high and workers safe. » More info

Oil & Gas Water Treatment

We have worked on upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas projects in both urban and remote areas. Our Health & Safety Program meets the high standards of the oil & gas industry in Canada. » More info

Industrial Water Treatment

Our methods are effective, reliable and sustainable. We provide water treatment solutions for even the most contaminated water from manufacturing, chemical production and food processing. » More info

Brownfield Remediation

We'll turn your contaminated soil back into precious earth without ever leaving the site. Look to us for effective in situ solutions for soil, soil vapour and groundwater that will dramatically restore the value of your land while minimizing your carbon footprint. » More info

Vapour Mitigation

We are adept at designing vapour mitigation systems for new building developments as well as for existing buildings. Naturally, our designs meet all BC Ministry of Environment technical guidance and requirements. » More info

Featured Projects

Turning Brownfields into Gold Mines

You can rely on us for:

  • Cost Efficient Solutions
  • Customer Service & Convenience
  • Reliability & Process Up Time
  • Industry-leading Technology

We specialize in accelerated timelines for engineering design and rapid deployment of temporary or permanent water treatment systems, remediation systems and vapour management systems. If you're in a hurry, give us a call.

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